Friday, June 5, 2009

Visit Home

Visits Home are the BEST kind of Vacations...

I was able to take one of the said vacations last month and it was MARVELOUS....and BUSY.

May 7th- Drive Home 10 Hours- But made a new it was good!

May 9th- Matt & Ben's 12th Birthday Party....Fun, although I learned that I can't handle 7 Twelve Year Old Boys for longer than a half an hour....Mom is a Saint.

May 10th - Mother's Day; Twin Brothers recieve the Aaronic Priesthood.

May 11th- Ben's Baseball Game- My Brother is an ALL-STAR! Seriously good.

May 12th- General Merry Making. I make dinner for the Boys - Mom , Steph and I go to Enrichment and Introduce Stephie....we then play hookie and talk with The Stones and The Laytons.

May 13th- Stephie and I go and Get FACIALS....SO FUN!!! (Kind of Expensive) Thanks Brandyn!!!

May 14th - More General Merry Making...and Mom made the Bolero Jacket I needed for the Bride's maid Dress.

May 15th- Drive to Show Low, Meet Vicky (AND EVERYONE ELSE) go shopping, go to rehearsal, go to dinner, and then back to Vicky's to put together the boquets and do our nails.

May 16th- SARAH ELIZABETH CROSSLEY WEDS KYLE ZALE....Beautiful. We Take lots of pictures and go to the reception. My sister gets hit on and asked to dance by one of the Ushers from the wedding...go figure- she's GORGEOUS. I help decorate the car and we take a picture of THE Reunited LG's. We help clean up and I learn that I can lift 6 folding chairs at one time....Looks like the Library Job is paying off. :) haha. Stephie and I drive home, have a womderful conversation about boys/men and jam out to the Twilight Soundtrack. And then we call mom and rope her into watching Twilight when we get home....about 10:30 PM. :)

Light House Girls

Beautiful Bride and Her Girls

Steph Goofing off on the way home.

May 17th- Twins pass the Sacrament for the First time, Drew joins in the fun in his Stunning Suit. widdle brudders are all growed up......Stephanie graduates from Seminary. Woo!

May 18th- ? I'm really not sure....Shopping and shopping and shopping....

May 19th- My Baby Sister Graduates from High School!!!! AH! The Memories. Congratulations Stephie!

May 20th- Reunion with Audrey & Nicole for Lunch- So good. Then Blind Date with John- Pottery painting, dinner, driving around trying to find a Park, swinging on the swings and lots and lots of talking.

May 21st- Drive back to Utah with Andrea, Reid, Riley & Wayne. Many hours more than expected....but it involved a giant moving truck and lots of Music.

May 22nd- Arrive back at my appartment in Provo and unpack.

Whew. Seriously, it was so good! I'm excited for August when I get to visit again!


Laurie said...

We loved loved loved having you home!!! I am so glad you still love home.....and I am so pleased with the woman you are! Can't wait for August!

Andrea and Reid said...

that drive was so exhausting!! I was so greatful to you being there to keep me company! You made a terrible drive actually fun!