Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Semester

Hola! Actually I Should Say, Buon Giorno! This semester seems to be shaping up... hopefully it will continue to be a good one! This week started off kinda rough. I'm not impressed by BYU Financial Aid, but the troubles I have there have been countered by wonderful friends and family! I can't even begin to describe how blessed I am! All I can say is thank you Mom and Dad, and thank you McKelle! :)
I love my roommates, and my classes (at least so far) !!!! I have Book Of Mormon, but my teacher is still on Vacation in Hawaii until next week. Lucky Her. Then I have Teachings of the Living Prophets. Oh I LOVE this class! And my teacher is great. I really like her teaching style, and what better subject than President Monson and his counselors? I also have a Social Dance Class. This is my FAVORITE class HANDS DOWN. Who doesn't love to Fox Trot, Waltz, Swing, and Polka? Yes I just said Polka. lol. I will also have Voice Lessons. And I am now taking an ITALIAN class! (Hence the Buon Giorno!) I LOVE IT! It is HARD because me teacher will only speak in we have to pick it up...It's also an Advanced by the end of this semester I will have taken a years worth of Italian. I hope that I can keep up!
Another Fun thing that happened...My Grandma texted (Yes Texted, I am blessed with 4 very cool grandparents and 2 cool parents that ALL TEXT me.) Anyway, she asked me if i knew a Bishope Mulleneaux. I asked her what his first name was, because there are a few down in Thatcher. Her reply was Randy, and that he was a police officer. My Reply Was this: "YES!!!! He was my Favorite Bishop!!! How do you KNOW him?!?!" She then called me and told me about how, When She was working at the Temple she had to call a couple of Counselors...and so she called this woman named Cindy to be one of them. Cindy had never been married, and was known to be the Temple Sweetheart. Everyone loved her. Well one day a very handsome man came in and his Wife had passed away a little while back....Cindy and the handsome man met, and all of the temple workers watched them fall in Love. They were then Married....My Grandma proceded to tell me that Everyone was SO SO SO Happy for them.... She also said that it had been a while since she had seen Cindy, and that when she went to the Temple the other day, she walked out of the Locker, and who did she see? CINDY! They were both Ecstatic and as they were talking, Cindy said that her Husband was a Bishop down at the college (EA) and my Grandma said, "My Granddaughter just graduated from there!" So they said goodbye for the moment, but after they talked later that evening, my Grandma texted Me again and said "Cindy and Bishop M said to Give you Their Love. She Said they Both think you are a Doll!" I'm so so so Glad that I left a Good Impression. Seriously, the Mulleneaux are my favorite! Thanks Grandma for Connecting that Loop and For giving me some background info! :) I love you!

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Life Through the Eyes of Mertyle Louise (SunShine) said...

I have to agree 100% that they are te best. They were sad when I moved into 3rd ward and I was sad too. Bishop Stapley is cool too but Bishop M is my favorite!