Tuesday, November 25, 2008


...To see Twilight last night with Judith, Cassie, and Kyle! Whoot! It was good....but also slightly depressing. *sigh* lol. AND I'M NOT IN LOVE WITH EDWARD!!! I know I'm just going to sound boy crazy, I'm not, but I hope that, someday, somebody will find me and He will love me. Alot. Thing is, He will have to be the one that pushes the issue and he will have to be blunt with me. I've had a couple of guys drop hints and they just go right over my head. Then I realize that they were dropping hints like a week later...and feel dumb. Sorry if that ever happened to you, or if I 'shut-you-down'. I probably didn't mean to do that. Just tell me! Don't drop hints. Don't play games. Just tell me. "Blah Blah. Wah Wah." Til that happens, I'm good. ;) Being Single is a blast! I'm glad I have time to learn more things about myself and who I have the potential to be... I have many things to do in life, and many of them can be done as a single adult or married. The point is that they will be accomplished. I know this is just a jumbled little paragraph, Oh well. I guess that's just how my brain edits things. Thank you Judith for inviting me go with you! I had alot of fun!


Life Through the Eyes of Mertyle Louise (SunShine) said...

AMEN SISTA!! I love you soo much. I get to see Twilight when i go home. I'm not in love w/ Esdward either. One day our Prince will come and sweep us off our feet! Until them I am also learning alot more about my self. You are great!! :)

Paige said...

I get the hints... but often times I just ignore them! Sometimes a guy needs a healthy dose of humilty to motivate him into becoming a better person :)

Hooray for singlehood!