Sunday, November 16, 2008

Shopping Trip?

Lol. I love my roommate Kat. (My other ones too!) Last night after we scared Val *hehe* we went shopping....Kat decided to get in the cart.....AND....Well. You know.


Paige said...

HAHA! I love random activities like that!

Hey [when] are you coming back for Christmas? Remember last year when we made like 200 cookies? I think we should do it again! Except this time we'll make ones that you are NOT allergic to ;D

Life Through the Eyes of Mertyle Louise (SunShine) said...

HAHAHAHA that looks like alot of fun! I bet you two had a BLAST!!! Cute pic!!

katheryn b. said...

Remember, if you want a boy to notice you. Most likely he will if you are in a cart. :) or they will just think you are weird. So you'll have to be the one to say hello.