Thursday, November 20, 2008


Hooray for kindhearted teachers!

I e-mailed a couple of my teachers before I left for Wyoming to let them know the situation (funeral) and to ask if I could e-mail the papers (that were due in a couple days) to them instead of turning in a hard copy. One teacher replied that it would be fine and to take the time I needed to do it. (YAY!) Another replied that he was sorry that I had lost a grandmother, and to e-mail would be fine. This specific teacher had taken off 5 points for lateness when I had been like 2 minutes late to class on the paper previous to this one, so I was expecting him to dock me for every day late....I tried to do it in Wyoming....but I just e-mailed it to him on Tuesday. I expected to get about a 70% based on how late it was (-5 points each day late) but to my suprise, He didn't take any points off for it being late!!!!!!!!!! HOOOOOOOORRRRAAAAYYYY!!!! Needless to say I have been in a constant state of Euphoria since my class this morning. :) Huzzah!

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