Saturday, October 18, 2008


Drew in 8 years...

Matt in 12 years...

HOMECOMING is the most wonderful time of a college student’s life. It’s my favorite week of the semester. I wasn’t going to do much for it this year, but my instincts kicked in & I ended up wearing these HUGE blue glasses to school. It was SO much fun! I got so many funny looks. One Girl was talking to her friends and when she saw me she started laughing & Snorting SO HARD. Don’t get me wrong, snorting isn’t bad, but this girl did it like 15 times in 5 seconds. Lol. It made me laugh. The saddest part was that my glasses broke at about 11:30. I didn’t get to wear them very long at all. Oh well. It was great while it lasted! I got to go to Homecoming Spectacular with Ally. OH IT WAS SO SO SO GOOD! (This is an understatement!) We had such a great time! I also went to the Homecoming Parade on Saturday morning. It was FREEZING. Literally. It SNOWED!!! In OCTOBER!!! Crazy! It was so GOOD! C: When I went back to my apartment, I decided that I wanted to go to the HC Football Game, so my friend Nicole found me an extra ticket!!! I was SO excited! I LOVE FOOTBALL! Yes, I know, weird girl. But I really do. The game was exciting, but also FREEZING!!! The best part was that we won!!! Yup! I went to a BYU football game and they won. (Shocking huh? With their winning streak they had going…lol) Anyway, it was an amazing homecoming week. I’m true blue through and through. C:

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