Monday, August 11, 2008

Utah Visit = Success!!!

Last week Steph and Drew were going to BYU for EFY. SOOOO...I decided to go with them and my mom so that I could at least get to see where my appartment is. I accomplished so much more than that!
On Sunday, we loaded up the car and started on our Journey. Mom and I were in the Front seat, Drew and Carsten Larsen in the Bucket seats, and Poor Poor Steph was shoved in the back by the cooler and all the luggage. That's what you get for being the smallest person in the family I guess. At one point Steph was climbing out and she goes, "Whoa! That was like the part in Monsters Inc. when they go through the door one way and they land the opposite way!" She was a crack up!
Well, we got to Utah (WHOOT!) and dropped the boys off for EFY, while us girls went to see my apartment and my roommate, Ally. Stacie and Kari came over for a bit to talk too. They left and then when we were all getting ready to go to sleep at like 12 AZ time... my phone starts to ring. WHAT??? I know.... I picked up the phone and it was my Buddy Audrey. SHE'S ENGAGED!!!!! ANYWAY, I went outside to talk to her a bit, then came in and slept for a LONG TIME. lol. That morning, we dropped Steph off at EFY and then my mom and I tried to get things done, well really she showed me where things were so that I could get things done. :) I went to the Harris Fine Arts Building so that I could find out what EXACTLY I need to do so that I could apply to the Music Program. They helped out SO much! and I found out when choir tryouts are. That pretty much made my day. Then I was able to go get some help finding out about some Financial Aid. Whoot Whoot! Then it was on to finding my classes and the day just slipped away! I ended up going to Family Home Evening with my future ward at this huge park! Another ward was doing a GIANT Slip and Slide, and there were people setting up a huge movie screen so that people could watch "An Affair to Remember". *Sigh* I just wanted to watch that! Anyway, we played Soccer. Well, i played for like 20 I hadn't exactly adjusted to the Altitude...I then took pictures of the ward for their Slide Show. Then we went home and basically went to sleep. We were tired!
On Tuesday, Mom and I went and finished up a couple more things on campus, and I applied for a couple of Jobs. Then we went SHOPPING! First we ate lunch at Olive Garden...YUM. Then we went to the mall! I came back with this OOber Sweet pair of Jeans! I tried on SO many clothes in like 2 hours. It was crazy. Then while we were eating dinner I had this crazy idea to go take pictures in the photo we did. :) It was fun. Then we decided to go get a tape measure to measure my room and I ended up with a fun ne scripture the store I told my mom it was like 'summer-fun-Amber'. She laughed and asked me about winter fun Amber...
When we got to the apartment there was a boy talking to a couple of the roommates and I was like, "Sorry I'm totally inturrupting! But I got this new cute scritpture bag, and it's like 'Summer Fun Amber!'" We all laughed and then Ally goes, "It sounds like a Barbie!" which made us laugh harder.
The next morning was good. Mom and I got up really early and went to Hike the Y. WHOO. It was tough. But so worth it! Doggone Altitude!!! Lol. OH MY GOODNESS! I almost forgot about this guy! I SWEAR, he was related to Donny REALLY. He was SO funny! I was walking back to the car and he goes "HELLO! HOW ARE YOU!?" I was really taken back, and i said "FIne thank you. how about you?" "FANTASTIC! YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!" "Thank you, you too!" "THANK YOU AND YOU'RE WELCOME!!!" No joke, i laughed for 10 minutes in a greatful way for this goodhearted man.
Then we went back cleaned up and left. :( It was a sad day! I wanted to just stay.
On the way home we stopped for like an hour on Glen Canyon Dam. OH! It was beautiful!!! Anyway, I loved Utah and taking this crazy road trip with my mom! :)
14 Days left till I move to Utah! :)


The Pritchard Party said...

Oh Amber, I'm so happy for you! You're going to love it times 10. Enjoy campus while it's pretty, because it'll get cold fast. :o)

the landreths said...

Amber, your mom emailed me about your trip and it was fun to get the rest of the details from your blog. What a fun time! I am so excited for you to go to BYU--i loved my time there! I spent most of my time in the Harris Fine Arts Center, too. I wasn't a music major, though, i was communications. :) Good luck this fall!

Turia said...

Ummmmm..... you didn't come to see me???
Seriously Amber... I live like 25 minutes North of BYU. You are busted.