Monday, August 25, 2008

Day One.

So today was my first day in Utah. I LOVE it! My apartment is cute (well, as far as college apartments go), My Roommates are nice, I've met all but one, and 2 of them are actually going to UVU not BYU. Anyway, My parents and I had a very long drive, and we were packed in pretty tight (I have accumulated ALOT of junk in 20 years!). But we definitely had ALOT of fun. When we got here, I checked in and put a couple of things in my apartment and then we checked my parents in at their Hotel. Then We came back to the Apartment to unload the stuff, and my roomates totally pitched in! It went by SO much faster than it would have without them. I really appreciated it! We then went to Olive Garden for dinner...YUM. Then it was off to Home Depot to get cinder blocks to prop up my can NEVER have enough storage space. My parents helped me prop my bed up and then said, "Peace out Homie." Well, ok they didn't really say THAT, but that was the idea. I was starting to unpack when my friend McKelle called me! We hadn't seen each other all summer, and so she decided to come over to see me! I was SO excited. We talked for HOURS and I got to see her CUTE CUTE CUTE house! And I mean it was CUTE! lol. I realized that I missed her SO much... and I took away alot of ideas from her house.

A list for me to remember:

*Address Book- like a scrapbook

*Magnetic calendar with specific notes-family reunion, wedding, take brother to MTC, etc.

*Popuri (however it's spelled) in a vase from the $1 store

*Craft Corner

*100 things I'm grateful for

*Decorated Memory Boxes

*Embellish everything with Ribbon (ok, not really everything)

*Just sit down and DO it!!!

She is very crafty! It was EXACTLY what I needed. I am So happy that she just lives like 5 minutes away from me. Yay Yay Yay!

Anyway, It was a fantastic day! I think I'll LOVE it here...



The Pritchard Party said...

I'm beginning to think you and your family like Olive Garden as much as Ryan and I do. HAVE SO MUCH FUN AT BYU! I'M JEALOUS!

Sheri said...

Amber, it's me, Sheri Ward. So where exactly are you in Utah? Hopefully close enough we can maybe see you sometime. Your Mom looks great in the pictures. I like her in short hair. Hopefully you are doing well. Sounds like you are loving college. Good luck and keep in touch with us. If you need anything, you know you can call. or